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First-Timer Guide: How to Keep Your Baby Calm During a Photo Shoot

Newborn photography sessions are a wonderful experience, but as a new parent, you might be worried about what you can expect and what to do if your baby isn’t happy during the photo shoot.

Your photographer is there to assist and guide you, but it still helps to be prepared yourself. You can’t control every aspect of the shoot, but there are steps that you can take to make this photo shoot positive experience for both you and your little one.

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Keep Baby Physically Happy

Baby’s first few weeks of life can be a sensory overload for them. The good news is that they will let you know if they’re uncomfortable or need to be fed. Ensuring that your little one has a full tummy will keep them happy during their photo session. Once they’ve been fed, keeping them dry and warm will make for a much calmer shoot. Some babies do want to feed during the session though and that’s perfectly fine, anything to keep baby happy.

How to Keep Your Baby Calm During a Photo Shoot

Warm Up the Room

If your shoot will be at home, make sure that the room you will be using is warm and comfortable. Babies are used to a temperature of about 98 degrees within the womb. Before your session, check the room for any drafts and cool breezes if you want to stop your little one from waking up in a cranky mood. Since your hormones will still be a bit all over the place soon after birth, the warm temperatures might be a bit uncomfortable for you, but it will help keep your baby calm during your photo session. In my Boca Raton newborn studio I keep it nice and warm for my babies. I have hand held fans on hand for parents in case they get too warm.

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Play White Noise

The womb is noisier than you might imagine. From mom’s heartbeat and constant breathing, to general tummy noises, your little one is used to ongoing noise. Playing gentle white noise can help baby stay calm and asleep during your session. There are a number of apps that you can use to find the right track. There are even tracks that simulate womb sounds. In my studio newborn sessions I use a “baby shusher” I’ve purchased on Amazon. It is amazing.

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Wrap Them Up

Babies want to feel secure, just like they did in the womb. If your little one isn’t feeling too happy on the day of your session, wrap them up firmly to make them feel safer. Wrapping them up can also help them feel sleepier, which will be necessary for a successful shoot.

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Over and above these tips, all you can really do is wait and see. You never quite know how your baby will be feeling on the day of your photo shoot. Know that your photographer will also be there to guide you through the process.

With nearly 12 years experience in photographing family, baby, and newborns I have a well oiled method to my baby photo shoots. I would love to capture some very special moments for you. If you live in the South Florida area let’s chat! You can reach me here.

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